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17 Ways To Prepare Your Business For Black Friday Sales

Black Friday is quickly approaching. It's one of the most busy, hectic, yet lucrative days of the year for business owners. You have the ability to pull on the heart strings of impulsive buyers. That may sound bad but it's a part of the buying and selling process. We buy things based on how they make us feel or how we think they'll make us feel. The only way you'll be able to master this though, is by being prepared. Check out my tips for how to prepare your business for a successful Black Friday. Have additional tips? List them below, they may help someone else to grow their business.

1. Do some research

Know your audience. What are their buying personas? Are they looking for coupons? Do they prefer online shopping? Know who you’re talking to so that you know how and why you’re talking to them.

2. Get organized

Have your inventory on hand and ready. Label things so that they’re easy to locate. Whether you’re a brick and mortar or an online business, you should be ready for that first sale.

3. See what competitors are doing

Watch how larger businesses handle the pressure. Take note and replicate when applicable.

4. Know your shipping method. I made this mistake and paid for it. Get ahead of the game and nail down what shipping methods you offer based on the inventory you have. Know the weights and any restrictions.

5. If you can, hire assistance. If you can’t hire an assistant search for an intern or apprentice who will work for a low charge or free.

If you can’t afford one, ask a family member for help in exchange for a product, promo or review. Do it now so that they can be prepared.

6. Promote. Promote. Promote.

What is the use of a sale if no one knows? Post it daily to social media. Pay for promoted social posts. You don’t have to spend a lot but it does take money to make money whether you believe it or not.

7. Send emails

This is one of the reasons you have an email list (you do have one, don’t you?)

Emails are direct but they also make the customers feel special as if they’re getting a more personalized approach to your special offer.

8. Get an ad in a local publication. It’s easier and cheaper than you think. Start off small if its your initial year and get a quarter page ad. Need help with preparing the ad, email me!

9. Ask family and friends to share

Word of mouth is a great tool for any business. Ask everyone you know to tell someone they know about your business.

10. Share to the Facebook marketplace. It’s still relatively new to some but it reaches a high volume of potential customers. Awareness is key.

11. Share with relevant groups

If you’re not apart of business groups both online and in real life, join one. Find professional groups or clubs that are relevant and get your business noticed. Network and bring value. Your business will not only get noticed but you’ll also gain credibility.

12. Use flyers on event boards

They’re there for a reason. Someone will notice your flyer and that person may tell a friend who tells a friend. Make sure your business name, number and website are easy to read.

13. Ask past clients to share for a discount

If this isn’t your first year doing sales, contact former clients/customers and offer a discount for referrals. If this is your first year, you can still offer referrals, just be sure to capture all of the customers information and to keep in touch all year round.

14. Make sure your site is updated and your storefront is clean and prepared. Make sure your payment processing systems are in place as well. Prepare yourself for all scenarios including refunds and exchanges. (Also, be clear on your site and in person about your policies!)

15. Create new content in the process take pics and videos. Capture everything. This creates a load of new content for your website, social media channels and beyond. Plus, this let’s people know that this business is real!

16. Take notes of what worked and what didn’t. This is a simple evaluation method that will help you grow. Don’t miss out on learning and growing your business.

17. Enjoy being an entrepreneur/business owner! You have a lot of work to do but this journey isn’t just about that. Enjoy what you’re doing. Enjoy having this business or service to call your own. You’ve earned this!

For additional information on how to grow your brand in the holiday season. Email me at or visit

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